Strato Flex


The Walden "Strato-Flex" is a Magic Model with a five stringer system designed by Steve Walden to control flex. The middle stringer runs the length of the board, the remaining four stringers are graduated and run about 2/3-1/2 way down the board. This board has outrageous flex, the idea of the Strato-flex is to control flex where you want it most, in the nose and tail, maintaining a flatter middle. The Strato-Flex is made of lightweight  EPS foam for strength. The Strato-Flex is designed for the better who surfs medium to large surf. 

About EPS: Expanded Polystyrene is a type of foam also known as styrofoam or bead foam. Polystyrene beads are expanded to their desired density by using steam and a variable quantity of beads in a mold. Hand shaped EPS/Epoxy boards are different from molded Epoxy boards which is what we traditionally mean when we say Epoxy. Since the core is very light, the finished product is lighter than a polyurethane construction and more rigid. All of our Startto-Flex boards are made of EPS.