Retro Wing Swallow Tail


The Walden Retro Wing Swallow Tail ( RWST) was named Outside Magazine's summer 2010 "gear of the year". We couldn't have described the board better so here is Outside magazine's review: Equipped with five fin boxes, the Walden works as a thruster or quad. Our 6'4" test model carved up small waves best as a quad. And when the surf jumped up, we popped out the back two fins and added one in the center for a thruster setup that was fast but steady on steep drops and bottom turns. The board is versatile enough for any wave. The board's outline evolved from shaper Steve Walden's 1970s Dyno Eagle twin-fin fish. At 2.75 inches thick, the Walden has plenty of flotation to help you paddle into big waves early and milk waist-high junk you could normally ride only with a longboard. And with its double-concave hull, it even blew through hollow sections of ten-foot surf in the Maldives.
This board also proved extremely maneuverable, especially when ridden as a quad. Whether we were carving up small waves, cranking a big turn off the top, or just trying to switch directions to stay with a mushy wave, the Walden responded quickly and correctly, just like a good board should."
We recommend the RWST for: an intermediate to advanced surfer in all conditions. Size range is 5'6 - 7'6. Available in poly only. Fin set up: Quad or 5 fin.