9'0 Walden Wavejet


Wavejet decided to end future production on all of their Wavejet products. Every Wavjet product was outfitted with a tear drop shaped cavity to house the Wavejet pod. We took the remaining new Walden surfboards inventory and refurbished them. We closed the cavity which would have housed the Wavejet pod, filled it with foam and glassed it with epoxy to a...
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Sale Velzy Pig 23246


This custom, one of a kind, board sold. If you would like to order a custom Velzy contact us at 805.653.1717 This is part of a series of Dale Velzy reproduction surfboards authorized by the Velzy Family. We are stoked to be able to continue the tradition of handcrafted Velzy surfboards for those who appreciate the history. Steve Walden is personally shaping from...
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