The Walden "Strato-Flex" is a Magic Model designed to control flex with our unique 5 stringer system. The middle stringer runs the length of the board, the remaining four stringers are graduated and run about 2/3-1/2 way down the board. The Strato-Flex has outrageous flex, the idea of the Strato-Flex is to control flex where you want it most, in the nose and tail while maintaining a flatter middle. The Strato-Flex is only available in light weight EPS foam for strength. The Strato- Flex is for the surfer who wants a more sensitive, responsive feel in a faster wave. Because of the lighter weight of the EPS/Epoxy glassing the Strato-flex delivers speed and maximum maneuverability.

The Strato-Flex is recommended for: Intermediate to advanced surfers in all surf but especially faster waves. 

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