The TNT is an integration of the best characteristics of a traditional longboard and a high performance longboard, TNT stands for turning & trimming and that is what this board does best. Steve Walden likes performance boards and therefore that is what he has been building for over 50 years. Steve explains the idea behind the TNT... "The Magic Model which is the platform for almost every board I shape/ design is the ultimate board for my kind of surfing, I like the maneuverability, speed and power. That being said there are days that I still like a traditional board for some old school trimming. The idea behind my TNT design is to combine the best of a traditional board with the best of my high performance Magic Model". The challenge with the TNT was to take the best of each style of board without creating a watered down hybrid. It took some R & D to find the right percentage of traditional board to performance board. What the finished design has is a traditional front end and a performance tail. How and where the two style of boards meet...well, as they say that is where Magic happens. The TNT is two boards in one, the nose is all about trimming and old school surfing and the tail is all about maneuverability and speed. Available in 9'0, 9'6 and 10'0. This board is recommended for: For the surfer who likes a traditional feel with out losing the turning of a performance and agility of a board. Great for everything but big surf.