6'0 Compact Disk 23745


Our Compact Disk is now in a Mega size! The Mega Compact Disk or "CD" is the smallest board in the Magic Model and Mega series,  5’6 - 6’6 with the same design elements as the larger Magic Model but reduced into a shortboard with a full longboard outline and now with added volume. Fun for experienced riders and a...
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2019 7'10 Deviled Egg #23738


When designing the Deviled Egg, Steve’s goal was to create the ultimate one-board quiver—a versatile Swiss Army Knife-type shape that could handle a wide range of wave conditions from waist-high to well overhead. Reaching back into his archives, Steve started with a classic mid-length egg outline and then morphed it to include his trademark Magic Model concave bottom and hard...
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6'4 Mega Fish #23689


The Mega Fish, sized between 5'8 and 7'6 it is a floaty, big guy fish. It is recommended for the intermediate through advanced surfer. Like the rest of our Mega range which takes volume and redistributes it into the width and thickness, our Mega Fish is much wider and thicker than a traditional fish but maintains our famous Magic performance....
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