Walden Private 22660



Steve Walden has decided to sell part of his vast collection of personal boards. These are boards that he designed, shaped and finished for himself. These are either prototypes, part of a limited edition series, experimental boards or boards he simply designed for himself to ride. Many of the boards we are offering have never been waxed or surfed, they have just been in the archives. A few of these boards are 1 of 1, meaning they were experimental shapes that never went into production. 

We do our best to describe the condition of each board accurately. All sales are final, all boards are sold as is.

Model: Wavejet  Dimensions: 9'6 x 19 1/2  x 24 x 15 1/4 x 4  Fins: 2 + 1  Foam: epoxy

 Condition: Good but a heavier board Weight: 28 lbs.

This board has no wavejet capabilities it is a refurbished board with the pod closed off.