6'4 Mega Fish #23689


For his new Magic Fish model, Steve dove into the archives to pull the best elements from the classic fish he was shaping back in the late 60s and 70s and then tuned them up with modern design characteristics that make this fish a smooth-riding all-arounder. The Magic Fish is both loose and forgiving but thanks to hard rails from nose-to-tail it’s also super maneuverable…when you want to move, the board moves with you. It has plenty of width and float to get you up and riding on smaller waves while Steve’s trademark Magic Model concave bottom provides tons of lift and speed. Although the outline is definitely a tip of the hat to its retro heritage, the Magic Fish is a decidedly modern shape designed to handle 85 percent of the wave conditions most of us surf on a daily basis. 

 Available in sizes from 5’6” to 6’6” and comes standard with a quad plus trailer fin set-up, which lets you ride it as a quad, a twin, or a twin plus mini-nub trailer. Can also be ordered as a classic twin only. 
 We recommend this board for: the intermediate to advanced surfer who wants all the flow and speed of a retro fish design in a more versatile, user-friendly package.