Sale Sea glass bracelet


From Hawaii, hand-collected + genuine surf-tumbled sea glass wrap bracelet with antique brown leather cord. Simple, organic shape. Natural style. Designed to wrap approximately four times around wrist. Fits ~most~ wrists.

Sea glass size: each piece of sea glass varies but on average about 1".  
Total Length: approx. 33"
Five slip knot loops for different size wrists. Knots can be re-tied to preferred size. Slip shell knot through loop for desired fit, cut excess cord.
Glass can be fragile - handle & wear with care. Packaged on a simple white gift card with instructions. 
*Sea glass is a found object and naturally occurring material with rustic imperfections - each piece is one-of-a-kind. 

Choice of color: white/clear, dark green, brown 

Sale: Was 38.00 now 34.00