Sale 5'10 Enigma 21865


This is a 5'10 Enigma, once called the Mega CD and renamed the Enigma. The laminates still say Mega CD. 

About the Enigma: Take a shortboard outline and pump up the volume without losing any of our signature “Magic” feel or performance and you have the Enigma. The Enigma is short, fat and fast with a step deck and the original wing tail first developed by Steve Walden in 1972. The step deck allows for a thinner rail for responsiveness while maintaining volume for floatation. The wing fin creates a shorter rail line and a narrower pivot point in the tail for a more maneuverable ride. Designed for the better surfer in smaller surf where increased looseness wont compromise control. The fuller nose combined with our patented “Magic” bottom ( a deep single-to-double concave with beveled edges and sharp rails), is perfect for glide-and-trim styling while remaining aggressive when driven hard off of the back foot. The Enigma also features a 4+1 fin box for ultimate fin selection. This board is recommended for: A better surfer who wants to go shorter, in small to medium surf.  

5'10 x 16 1/2 x 22 x 18 1/4 

Clear with blue fade panels and a clear bottom 4 + 1 fin set up

SALE: Was 710.00 now 399.00  Final Sale