FCS 8'0 Regular Leash


The FCS 8'0 Regular leash offers the highest levels of quality, design and construction, delivering unparalleled comfort, strength and versatility.

The FCS 8ft. Regular leash has a deluxe padded high-density neoprene ankle strap with a 360 flexible horn to eliminate point pressure on the ankle. The FCS 8ft.  leash is specifically designed with a urethane cord to provide the ultimate strength, stretch and elasticity. This leash has double hardened swivels at both the cuff and rail saver to reduce tangling. Don’t worry about the leash coming off, because FCS has redesigned an extra strong rip and grip velcro at the cuff and rail saver, so your board is not going anywhere!  This Leash has a detachable rail saver and cuff and an internal key pocket!