Enigma SUP

The Enigma SUP is a high performance SUP designed for the better paddler. The outline is what we call "just right", not to wide and not to narrow. The deck has a step rail that transitions into our famous hard rail, which gives you volume without compromising maneuverability and sensitivity on the turns. The tail wings change the tail by breaking up the outline and drastically pulling the tail in eliminating pivot points on the rail allowing the fin more wave contact and bite for greater hold and speed. The quad fin configuration gives a lot of speed and drive because of the wider fin surface area, combined with the rounded pin which gives you a larger plaining surface for more powerful turns. The board is very lively like a short board, surfing from top to bottom with ease. You can get faster cut backs and racy top to bottom surfing due to the step rail - tail wing combination which narrows the rail for a maneuverability and speed.

This board is recommended for: Intermediate SUP’er looking to step down in size, small to medium surf. Available in EPS only. Fin set up: Quad + large center.

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