2019 Mega Compact Disk

Our Compact Disk is now in a Mega size! The Mega Compact Disk or "CD" is the smallest board in the Magic Model and Mega series,  5’6 - 6’6 with the same design elements as the larger Magic Model but reduced into a shortboard with a full longboard outline and now with added volume. Fun for experienced riders and a great choice for the intermediate surfer wanting a shorter board. Great in good surf and better than standard shortboards in the sloppy surf.
The hull has our famous Magic Model design elements, the front 1/2 of the hull is concave, this single concave transitions into a double concave in the rear 1/3 and ends towards the tail that has a moderate “V”. The rails are hard. The concave nose adds lift and stability, perfect for nose riding. The double concaved hull and hard rails make the board fast, stable, responsive and maneuverable in all conditions. This board performs as well as slow surf as it does on speedy beach breaks. The Mega CD maneuvers well out of turns while maintaining a forgiving nature, excellent nose rider too. We recommend the CD for: More experienced surfers, intermediate surfers wanting to go shorter but keep a lot of volume.  Also a great longboard for kids.