BRENDAN WHITE / Team Rider, 30, Solana Beach, California
Brendan White has been surfing for the past 25 years, a long time given the fact he is just 30 years old. Brendan is an accomplished but modest surfer; he doesn’t boast about contest wins or titles. He has been in hundreds of contests and is always one of the top finishers.
Steve Walden and Brendan have a unique working relationship. Steve says it’s a love/hate relationship. “Nobody pushes me harder for design perfection than Brendan, but that push enables better design and performance. I have shaped over 100 boards for Brendan, and his input is valuable to me because of his level of surfing. Brendan’s style is smooth and powerful and very much in control at all times; in my opinion one of the best nose rider’s in the world,” says Walden.
Some of Brendan’s titles include:
1st place - 3 X NSSA National champion 2001 Pro Surfing tour of America
1st place - 2004 US open
1. When did you start surfing, and what got you into surf?
I started surfing when I was five, because my family was always at the beach.
2. Favorite competition and most important win?
Winning the US Open in 2004.
3. Surf contest/title you want to win?
Another US Open, I guess.
4. How did you meet Steve and start riding his boards? 
I met Steve when I was probably about 9 or 10 and started riding for him, as my dad rode his boards and they went to high school together. Steve is a really good guy, has always been there for me and always supported me for most of my life. Steve is like family to me; when I look back on the relationship I have had with him, he is the one constant in my life, besides my family, that is the same today as it was 20 years ago. Over the years, I have ridden for other shapers and tried a lot of boards, but there are no better performance longboards out there. Steve has found a way to create a board that combines looseness, drive, and glide. Usually those are mutually exclusive characteristics, but his bottom design and rocker allows for the looseness with the V he puts in the board; the glide is achieved by the concave that runs from nose to tail, allowing the water to flow through, and the drive is created by the single concave going to a double concave in the tail, breaking up the V. There is a lot of thought and design that goes into the bottom of his boards.
5. Favorite Walden board and why?
9’0 Walden EVF (Epoxy Vacuum Fusion). My favorite boards are the regular Magic Models, with changes to the dimensions. I get mine 9’0 x 22 × 13 1/4 × 2 1/2. The EVF’s are a newer, super light but super strong board. They are glassed using a vacuum bag to suck out all the excess resin, and thereby lightening the board up A LOT; you are also able to put more glass on them, since weight isn’t an issue, thereby strengthening the board. It is also stronger because resin is brittle, so by leaving behind only what is needed to bond the glasses the board is much stronger and less brittle. I am able to get boards that are 9 pounds with 3 layers of 4-oz on the deck and 2 layers of 4-oz on the bottom. These boards are made custom only; they are more expensive but worth every penny.