Bill Boliver is always happy. We have never known Bill to have a bad day, he is the stoke at Florida's famous Longboard House Surf Shop and one of the industries best board guys. Not sure which board is best for you, need help ordering a custom board, have questions that no other shop can answer go see Bill. Bill has been surfing for 45 years from Florida to Hawaii. In 2011 between surfing and Sup'ing Bill logged 275 sessions, that is stoke!

1. What is your favorite board?
My 5'10 Walden Mega CD, 2ft to Overhead. I would suggest any of the Mega Series boards for all surfers, keeps your length shorter but you don't sacrifice any float or paddle. Got a bunch of other boards but the Mega CD is my go to board.

2. Favorite book or movie?
Reading Anti Cancer, great book if you want to learn about what you are eating and how it will affect you.

3. Recent Projects?
I have been teaching Stand Up Paddle boarding to newbies and just took out a whole family including grandparents, parents and children. Had a blast so much fun to help people grow and stay young between the ears.

4. Any titles or special accomplishments?
I logged 275 sessions last year. Pure Soul and Dawn Patrol. Dolphin and Pelicans are the crowd that I hang with.