Copy of 8'0 Mega Magic Molded Epoxy : Red


Our molded epoxy Mega Magic, only available from the Walden Surfboards Surf Shop. 

The Mega Magic is our widest Magic with the most condensed volume. We take volume from the length and redistribute it to the width and thickness while maintaining our famous Magic performance. The Mega has the classic Magic elements: hard rails, concave bottom & lots of rocker. About 1/2” - 1” thicker and 1-2” wider than a standard board. The Mega Magic will float like a board that is 12-18" longer. For the bigger guy that normally rides a 10', with the Mega he can ride a 8'-9' without giving up float or stability. The Mega Magic has been a best seller since it was launched about four years ago. 

8'0 x 23 1/2 x 3 3/4 

Color: White with red panels and black pin lines.