10'6 refurbished Wavejet SUP


Wavejet decided to end future production on all of their Wavejet products. Every Wavjet product was outfitted with a tear drop shaped cavity to house the Wavejet pod.
We took the remaining new Walden WaveJet SUP inventory and refurbished them. We closed the cavity which would have housed the Wavejet pod, filled it with foam and glassed it with epoxy to a smooth surface without compromising the original bottom hull design.
Two sizes are available: 10'0 and 10'6, we have limited quantities on both sizes. Because these are new but refurbished SUPs we are offering them at 50% off the original price. These are "as is", final sales.

About the Walden Wavejet SUP:
These SUP's are excellent all around performance boards, designed for both riding waves or cruising on flat water. Like all Magic Models this SUP features Walden's patented hull design. Single concave runs from the nose through to the midpoint creating lift and stability. A smooth, continuous rocker and a moderate amount of "V" through out the tail preserves the maneuverability, while the bevel running around the perimeter of the board adds forgiveness in more critical situations while riding a wave.
The generous outline on the Walden SUP provides enough stability for SUP enthusiasts of all levels who want to mix the enjoyment of flat-water exploration with the excitement of riding waves. 

Dimensions: 10'6  x 32 x 4 5/8 

Color: White with blue panels

Fins: 2 + 1