Sold out Wax Buddy Comb - White


The WAX BUDDY solves a common problem that all surfers have: Removing old wax from surfboards. The WAX BUDDY incorporates a scraper, a comb, and cupped rail edge. Its trademark is the handle that provides incredible leverage. The compact size fits easily into your travel bag, baggies or glove box. Once you give it a try, you will never go...
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Walden Made in Ca. sticker


Our newest sticker design that proudly shows our California roots. 3 3/4"round
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St. Christophers : Small


St. Christopher is the protector of travel. In the sixties, surfers wore this medal as a good luck piece to protect them while surfing. Did you know...The St. Christopher Medal was synonymous with fleeting romance as guys and girls exchanged them as a symbol of "going steady". Brass base metal with silver plating. Each medal comes and 24 inch silver plated...
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Walden Mega Board Bag V2


You asked for it so we made it happen, a board bag wide enough to accommodate our Mega Magic's. The new Walden Mega Board Bag V2 is made especially wide to handle 24"+ wide Mega's. Updates include a molded handle and reflective silver bottom panel. Top load zip, fin slot, side carrying strap 8'0 x 30" wide. Actual length 8'2 8'6...
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