6'10 Mini Mega Magic 25095


The Mini Mega Magic is a mid-size version of our best selling Mega Magic. Sized between 6-7’10 it is a sporty version of our Mega Magic. Designed for the bigger surfer who is looking for a bigger shortboard  ( rather than the Mega Magic which is a shorter longboard). The Mini Mega has more of a shortboard outline but with a lot of extra volume for maximum floatation yet it is still highly maneuverable. Our custom Mini Mega Magic’s are only available in EPS foam, they’re super light for the volume of foam so you don’t give up any performance. 

About EPS:  Expanded Polystyrene is a type of foam also known as styrofoam or bead foam. Polystyrene beads are expanded to their desired density by using steam and a variable quantity of beads in a mold. Hand shaped EPS/Epoxy boards are different from molded Epoxy boards which is what we traditionally mean when we say Epoxy.  Since the core is very light, the finished product is about 20% lighter than a polyurethane construction and more rigid. Our Mega Magics have so much volume we only use EPS for the Mega's to keep the weight down.