10'6 Glider 25213


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The new Walden Glider
What a Glider isn't - a longboard, nose rider, SUP, or log. So what the heck is a Glider? It's a wave catcher, Glider's are typically long, 10'0 - 12'0, and shaped for high speeds both in paddling and surfing. Gliders are slim and sleek, meaning narrow for their length, with a gun-like nose and tail, a flatter rocker, and a single fin setup. It's a different feel than an equivalent standard longboard but a great addition to a quiver especially on smaller waves.

The Walden Glider is a custom order only board, available in 10, 10'6, 11, 11'6 and 12. Boards over 11'0 may not be able to ship everywhere. For more info about a custom order and shipping options call or e-mail.