9'6 used Strato-Flex 21022


Used 9'6 Shovel nose Strato Flex from Steve Walden's private collection,  EPS foam. Clear with a blue center fade stripe. 
The Walden "Strato-Flex" is a magic model with a 5 stringer system designed by Steve Walden to control flex. The middle stringer runs the length of the board, the remaining four stringers are graduated and run about 2/3-1/2 way down the board. This board has outrageous flex, the idea of the Strato-flex is to control flex where you want it most, in the nose and tail, maintaining a flatter middle. The Strato-flex is made of light weight EPS foam for strength. High density nose block, concave deck, step rail. Used 1 time,  one pressure dent on under side of nose from storage. We rate all of our used boards on a 0-10 scale. 10=mint condition, 0=ready to be trashed. We rate this board a 8, it's in good condition, 
About our used board sales: Boards do not come with fins unless otherwise noted, all sales are final. We do our best to describe the condition of the board but this isn't an absolute science. We do not guarantee against any concealed damage. Ask us all the questions you want before you purchase a used board, since sales are final no exception. Used boards are available for in-store pickup or delivery.
Dimensions: 19 1/2 x 23 x 14 1/4 x 3 1/2
Fins: 4 + 1