Corky Carroll Model


This board is sold out, available as a custom order only. To place an order give us a call at 805.653.1717

Old friends Corky Carroll and Steve Walden partnered on a small collection of boards. The Corky Carroll model is a progressive mid size board with an emphasis on speed and power surfing.  Excellent floatation for a board in the 6'8" to 8'2" size range.  Quad fin set-up.  Basic specs on a 7'6" are:   23" wide x 3" thick.  Designed to surf like a short board.

Pricing starts at 700.00

A Little bit about Corky:
Corky grew up in Orange County, California, he grew up surfing built his first board in 1959.  Corky was a Surfer/designer for Hobie Surfboards.  Designer of Corky Carroll Spacesticks and Corky Carroll Coolsticks.
He was a 5 time United States overall champion, 3 time international professional champion, Winner SURFER POLL, Top 10 SURFER POLL numerous times, International Big Wave Champion (Peru), World Small Wave Champion  (Cocoa Bch, Fla.), USSA and WSA Champion numerous times and East Coast Champion 

Corky has been a columnist for Orange County Register 20 years.  Co founder of Corky Carroll Surf Schools.  Runs Corky Carroll Surf Adventures in Zihuatanejo, Mexico.  Surfs everyday.