Chavez for Charity : Little kids rock : black


Chavez for charity is designed by Julie Marie Chavez, founder and Creative Director of the fashion jewelry line mariechavez.
Through the sale of a colorful assortment of bracelets, Julie's mission is to raise money and awareness for some of today’s most important and necessary charitable initiatives like providing access to clean water and sanitation and helping to end violence against women and girls.
Each colored bracelet represents a specific cause. mariechavez will donate 25% of the gross profits from the sale of a specific colored bracelet to its corresponding cause. 

The black bracelets benefit Little Kids Rock,  they come as a set of 5, each set is a one of a kind. No two sets are ever alike. Wear them together for a bold look, wear a few of them with your other bracelets or break the set up as great gifts. Each bracelet comes with a hang tag that explains the charity is benefits.

Little Kids Rock believes that learning to play a musical instrument can be a transformative experience in students’ lives, with the power to inspire the creativity and confidence that are critical to success in school and beyond. That’s why they have dedicated themselves to restoring and revitalizing music education in U.S. public schools. They bring free musical instruments and music instruction to underserved schools across the country. For more information visit