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Sold out 7'6 Epoxy Mini Magic Model


The Mini Magic is a scaled down version of our famous Magic Model. The size range for the Mini is 6’8 - 8’0. This board performs as well as slow surf as it does on speedy beach breaks. The Mini Magic may be smaller than the Original Magic Model but it still  maneuvers well out of turns while maintaining a forgiving nature, excellent nose rider too. A great choice for smaller surfers too.

Dimensions: 7'6 x 18 1/2  x 21 3/4 x 14 1/2 x 2 3/4 

About our X-2 Epoxy boards: X-2 Epoxy ( a.k.a molded epoxy ) is a multi-layered sandwich construction using epoxy resin, woven fiberglass and sheets of thin wood veneer wrapped around a Nanoweld EPS core. This construction method produces a light, extremely durable surfboard that is particularly strong on the deck.  

We have one remaining 7'6 in stock 


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