Every August  Steve Walden participates in the Luau & Longboard Invitational, now in its 20th year, the Longboard Luau has raised morethan $5 million for the Moores UCSD Cancer Center, one of the nation's top comprehensive cancer research and care institutes.

This event brings together some of the most respected men and women in surfing history with business leaders, scientists, local politicians and national celebrities to "Surf for a Cure." Every year Walden Surfboards donates a one-of-a kind board to the events live auction, these are truly amazing, collectable boards. For 2013 and the events 20th anniversary and with a little help from Channel Islands we think we came up with,  not one but two amazing boards.  Here is the long and short of the project....

"The long and short of it": 
A collaboration between shaping legends Steve Walden & Al Merrick, coming together to raise money and awareness for cancer research. 

Steve Walden, founder of Walden Surfboards, known as "The Father of the Modern Longboard" and Al Merrick founder of Channel Islands Surfboards, the most respected shortboard brand in the history of surfing, are collaborating on a unique surfboard project for the Longboard Luau 20th anniversary and to honor and remember Daisy Love Merrick, Al's granddaughter. Daisy Love passed away this Spring at the tender age of eight after several brave battles with cancer. Daisy was surrounded by her loving family and an enormous extended family that included surfers and the surfing community from around the world. 

Steve Walden has been involved with Luau & Longboard Invitational for more than a decade, donating a one-of-a-kind board every year to the live auction as well as surfing in the invitational. For the 20th anniversary Steve Walden wanted to create a different kind of board, one that honored heroes in the battle against cancer. Steve reached out to the Merrick family with an idea; a set of boards that honored Daisy as well as the surfers who have supported the event over the last 20 years...all heroes. Steve is proud to share this project with his friend and fellow shaper Al. 

The 9'0 Walden Magic Model and 6'0 Channel Islands New Flyer together create a big, bold, bright daisy. When separated they reveal unique parts of the daisy. The center of the daisy is made up of the signature Channel Islands hexagons, circling the hexagon are breathtaking words written about Daisy by her mother Kate. The blue background features the names of all the surf legends that have participated in the event over the last 20 years. 

We hope these two boards will raise an enormous amount of money for cancer research. 

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