Meet the  WALDEN FDR ( Flat Distant Racer)

The Walden FDR is a true hybrid SUP designed for both the casual and competitive racer in a variety of conditions including  flat water, open water or distance paddling. The Walden FDR is designed to be fast, stable and user friendly. In flat water the FDR is stable and maneuvers without tracking. Stability comes from Walden's famous concaved hull, unlike many SUP's that have rounded bottoms, the FDR's concave’s create stability points reducing instability especially in more demanding, choppy conditions.  For the distance paddler the FDR is efficient due to the lowered position of the rocker from the mid section to the tail which gives greater glide between each stroke. For racing, the FDR is fast due to the V shaped nose which creates a more efficient displacement of water compared to a flatter bottom nose which can push water and cost you valuable seconds.
The FDR is available in 12'6 and 14', custom order only. 

May 07, 2013 by Brandy Herrin
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