Broc Ellinger is a 21 year old photographer from the beaches of Ventura, ca. His active lifestyle is easily identified within the photos that he captures. From ocean scenery to urban landscapes, he truly provides the imagery of adventurous eyes. We met Broc after sending out a call for a local photographer on Facebook. Broc didn't answer the call but a local magazine editor did and recommended Broc.  We met with Broc and liked him instantly so we hired him. 

We did a small shoot at "C" Street in Ventura with some of our local riders, just to test Broc's skills. It turned out to be a lousy day, with not much surf but we decided to shoot anyway.  When Broc came over to deliver the shots he said he was bummed at how few action shots he captured, when we looked at the shots we were anything but bummed. We love Broc's eye and his use of light, we shot at sunrise and Broc really captured the morning sun. Steve Walden's first words when he saw Broc's photos were.."wow, this kid is good". Visit to learn more about this up and coming photographer. 

April 04, 2013 by Brandy Herrin
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Susan Greenya said:

How could I purchase a print?

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