We posted this yesterday on our Facebook page, we were touched by the outpouring of support for our dear friend and thought it was worth reprinting the pos for those of you that are not on Facebook. I think we can all agree violence in and around the sport of surfing has to stop. 

We are frustrated and saddened to hear that there has been another attack at Ventura's Surfers Point ( a.k.a "C" Street  )this morning, and the attack was on one of our dear friends. She is a beautiful person and passionate surfer. The bully is about 6'2, 200+ lbs., we know who he is because this isn't the first attack. What made this attack especially pathetic is this bully went after a women, and one who is about half his size.

An equally awful part of the bullying is the crew of grown men that watch and applaud the bully. It's bad enough that high school kids act like this but grown men? Where are the hero's? Where are the independent thinkers? Where is the honorable man that will come to the rescue of a victim? 
For those of you who condone, support or even joke about violence in the water or worse do nothing..your followers. Not a leader among you! It's hard to be a leader, it takes guts. 
To the followers...we are tired of hearing how much you hate SUP'ers, longboarder's, shortboarders, kooks, whatever your gripe is....as if that justifies bullying. Save your hate for things that matter. Hate child abuse, hate poverty, etc. but don't waste your hate on a surfboard or a wave. To the haters..get out of your small world and your big ego and grow up.
November 07, 2012 by Brandy Herrin
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Nathan Elerick said:

I live and surf in Alaska, we almost always have women in our line ups. When ever I see someone drop in on a women or crowd them I educate the the person. And we would never disrespect anyone in our line ups especially a women. That would be the last time anyone paddled out with us. This makes me sick. Come up here and visit you can have my wave there will be another in ten seconds.

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