Tim McWilliams is one of Walden Surfboards favorite people. We have never met Tim in person but all of us here at Walden Surfboards over the years have spent time on the phone with him usually about custom surfboards. Tim is the kind of guy that is always happy, always up and always appreciative, not the kind of guy you would have suspected had suffered any real loss. Somewhere along the way Tim causally told us about the Timbo fund, which helps people with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Tim's son had a TBI and died in 2005. 

We wanted to bring more awareness to Tim's efforts so we asked if he could in his own words explain how the Timbo fund started... "In 2001 our beloved son Timbo at 27 years old was mugged in a violent act that left him with severe Traumatic Brain Injury after brain surgery he had a long road to recovery, as he had to learn to walk, talk and do many things over again. He fought bravely and on the road to recovery positively affected everyone around him and showed tremendous courage and unselfishness. His concern was always how the injury had affected the family and those around him not himself. Unfortunately in 2005 he was in a fatal car accident.


At his funeral one of his closest friends coined the slogan Fight, Live, Love, Heal, It became our mantra and helped us form the Timothy C. McWilliams Foundation to benefit victims of TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury. Since that time we have given just under 1 Million dollars to those who suffer from TBI.

TBI is a  most difficult condition and takes years to overcome, at whatever level the individual can attain. It is costly and extremely difficult on the families both financially and emotionally. We decided shortly after Timbo’s death that we would give back, helping those who we could help with costs and services beyond what medical or insurance needs offered.

Tim was an avid surfer and it was the first athletic thing he was able to accomplish upon his recovery. He loved being in  the water. Each year since his passing I get together with my son Michael and many of Tim’s friends and we go on a surf trip as I had promised Tim we would do. Life gets in the way and family’s are so busy now. These trips to Mexico, Costa Rica, Barbados, Ricon Puerto Rico,the Virgin Islands have helped us feel close to Tim,  surrounded by his friends. 

Take the time to do those things if you can. The experiences are far more valuable than another soccer game or whatever activity your kids are into. Time with just family or friends is the most valuable time we can spend. We continue to raise monies for the Timbofund and to spend time in the water doing what he loved to do, as there is no time we feel closer to him."

We encourage you to visit the and read more about this amazing organization.
October 23, 2012 by Brandy Herrin
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