Welcome!  We are so excited about the launch of our new website. We were not really planning on building a new site this year but our old site crashed and crashed big, so big our old web team couldn't fix it to our satisfaction. After a bit of a scramble, some frustrating and long nights trying to patch our old site we decided to start fresh. We ditched the old firm and went on the hunt for a new web team that could better understand our needs and build the site we always wanted. It took us 6 weeks to find the right team and another 12 weeks to build the site but we think it was worth the wait.

What is new...hopefully you will notice the updated look, besides being bright and bold we simplified the navigation. Some cool new features, we added filters so you can find a board based on it's size, shape even your ability. There is a lot more but we will let you page though and discover the changes yourself. We also know in the beginning there will be lots of mistakes that no matter how many times we have proofed the site we will miss something so please let us know what you find. 

Enjoy the new Walden Surfboards website, we will continue to add more product, features, photos and information in the coming days!

The Walden Crew

July 03, 2012 by Brandy Herrin
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Phil Slimko said:

Congratulations on your new web site! I did send an e-mail a couple of days ago to brandy1@aol.com requesting help with surfboard selection and I was wondering if you got it. I understand if you’ve had better things to do (i.e. surfing) but I just wondered if you got it. The mega magic sure seems interesting. An old fat guy might even be able to catch a few! (5’10" , 200lbs, 63 yo, retired firefighter/paramedic/emergency nmanager) Just want to catch some fun waves and slide across the face like I did during the 60s. Am I nuts or what?

Dave Newell said:

I own a Mega Magic 8’. I worked at Nauset Surf (where I bought my MM from my old boss Phil Clark) in Orleans MA on Cape Cod for 34 years as a Manager and Buyer and met Steve back in the early-mid 70’s (Guessing?) when he was involved with production of Corky Carroll Spacestix, David Nuuhiwa and his own line, all of which we sold in the shop. I think that was the time frame!! Anyway, I have been surfing since 1965 and I have NEVER had a board of any length (and I have had a whole bunch of longboards) that catches waves like my MM8. Mine is clear/white and I call it The Biscuit. I can’t believe with those boxy rails it clings to steep faces but it does. I just sold a very fine Yater 9’10" Tuf-lite that surfed well, but my MM blows it away for catching waves, and I found I just didn’t need the extra length. I am 6’4" and weigh 200, and will be 60 this summer but still surf adequately. Thanks, Steve, for working the Magic concept into this forgiving but sensitive model…it has breathed new life into me. When I paddle out, the pack goes, "Oh oh, here comes the wave hog again!! :-)…The Hot Dog on The Biscuit, one of the crew calls me.

Robert said:

Stoked to see the new website.
It’s nice and fresh.
Easy to find everything.
Surfing Waldens since 2006 and think there the best combo boards.
They turn progressive, but are very good in classic surfing aswell.
Many minutes on the nose, less minutes in the barrel, but ey I live in Holland.
Keep on travelling and surfing my Walden Surfboards.
Aloha from Robert

Phil said:

Dave…soundsperfect…..I want one….will go to Ventura in early September….they show a 9’6" MM in stock that might fill the bill….grey with stripes….maybe they will take a deposit and hold for me

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